Alfreda Daniels for Brooklyn City Council 2020

"People at the Center"   


My vision is to be a part of a growing and vibrant Brooklyn Center that engages all of our city’s residents. 

-Alfreda Daniels-

What Alfreda stand for?


Brooklyn Center must invest in the safety of our community.

● We need to invest in community based policing.

● We must continue in investing in parks & recreation centers and community organizations.

● Investing in our resident’s housing and economic development keeps our community safe. 

Civic Engagement

Intentional community engagement allows every resident of Brooklyn Center to have access to their city council member. 

 As I've always prided myself in meeting people where they are. I will continue this practice during this campaign and after, through recurring town hall meetings with residents. 

The people's voices must be at the center of every decision made by the city council.

Economic Growth

Brooklyn Center is a vibrant growing city. Collectively, we will work to bring investments that bring equitable economic growth to our city. I will champion and support:

● Community benefit agreements that center the needs and input of Brooklyn Center residents

● Businesses that pay a livable wage

● Investments and businesses that offer diverse income and skills

● Diverse internships and employment opportunities for youth

● Small business development


As Brooklyn Center continues to grow, we must make sure that everyone has access to affordable housing both as renters and as homeowners. As councilmember, I will support:

● Affordable housing efforts that are led by community

● Pathways to home ownership for first time homebuyers

● New housing that is safe

Immigration and Inclusion  

Alfreda Daniels at the Minnesota State Capitol advocating for the restoration of driving licenses for undocumented immigrants.

Crime and Gender Equality 

Alfreda Daniels speaking to the Liberian Journalists Association about ending crimes against women and Gender Equality.


Local Partners

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